Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 9

The battle for influence over the territory of the state of the Seven Kingdoms continues and with every day the pretenders to the throne are less and less. It is likely that the wall will no longer be an obstacle to the White Walkers and they will move south. The Lord Commander of the Night Watch will meet with Bran Stark. Sorrowful Edd receives instructions that change his ideas about the enemy.

The Stark family was able to regain control of Winterfell. John, along with Sansa decide the fate of the Carstairs and Umberov, who betrayed them in the war with the Bolton. Sister Snow wants to punish the offenders, but Edward Stark’s bastard is merciful.

In the deadly game stands the Great House of Targarienes, whom Deyneris represents. The girl, together with Tirion Lannister and a huge army, arrived at the fortress Dragon Stone, which is run by Stannis Baratheon. The war against the Seven Kingdoms finally kicked off.